Chachu Kamlaa: Diwali Eve, and Year-end

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This is the story of how Diwali of Mr. Bh. Rashta and Dr. Punn (no English intended) affected our protagonist ‘Chachu Kamlaa’ aka ‘Kachalu’.

DISCLAIMER. The characters and story line is purely fictional, and any resemblance to anyone living or dead, teaching or non-teaching, torturing or non-torturing, retired or should-be-retired, is merely by coincidence.

On Diwali eve (or maybe it was the last working day before Diwali weekend), Kachalu had ventured out to settle some differences with one Bhojha towards the end of lunch break. After having a very satisfying fight, and getting the point across to Bhojha, he went to Bh. Rashta who had just finished his lunch. This was in part to check if what he had done & fought for was in fact justified, and to clear his conscience on the matter. Of course, knowing the Bh. Rashta’s character he hadn’t expected much on it, but nonetheless Bh. Rashta agreed to him i.e. what he did was right, or that’s what Kachalu thinks Bh. Rashta meant.

The conversation between Bh. Rashta and him soon veered away from what was intended to what Bh. Rashta wanted. The same things Bh. Rashta has stuck to since the start of the session, he just went on-and-on-and-on…

Enter Dr. Punn in the story; please note no English is intended here.

While he was in conversation with Bh. Rashta and later one SenDu, a message was passed to Bh. Rashta from Dr. Punn to ask him to go and attend the class by Dr. Punn which apparently had started sometime back. He left because Bh. Rashta had asked him to, but with no intention of attending the class in the first place, he didn’t plan on going for it now.

***That’s another story of where he went instead; but a long story short, it was to a game of Truth & Dare being played outside in the grounds, where not only the participants but also the bottle for play, was involved in a major schemed scam against the protagonist Kachalu***

So Kachalu left from the campus with a group of friends who by a very conservative estimate were around 10 in number. The numbers might be a bit exaggerated, but there was quite a group then.

As luck would have it on that fateful day, for the first time, it seemed Bh. Rashta and Kachalu were leaving from the campus at the same time, but differently. Bh. Rashta saw him and asked “why are you not attending Dr. Punn’s class?” The best excuse the poor guy could muster the courage to come up with was “Sir, it’s Diwali, and I have a lot of work to do” L

That was that, and each passed on to their journey ahead.

Then came a day, not so long back, (but after such a long period after the above incident for a normal human being to not remember the intricacies of it) that Dr. Punn caught hold of Kachalu. Caught totally off guard, he didn’t know what Dr. Punn was referring to. It passed.

But he was called up especially by Dr. Punn again, and forced to remember what he had done on that fateful Diwali eve. And he was told by Dr. Punn that a special arrangement would be made such that his marks (as it turned out final marking for all subjects have to get a final nod from Dr. Punn) would be very finely scrutinized, and only then passed on. He was even threatened that his scores would be withheld!

Kachalu still doesn’t know what happened. He still wonders if Bh. Rashta told Dr. Punn that Kachalu had left that day even after being told to attend the class, or Dr. Punn saw him talking to Bh. Rashta and made a mental image of him & was waiting for Kachalu to show up in the class.

Maybe he will find out one day. Maybe he won’t.

Well, Life Does Take a Toll…!!! But it must go On.!


The author would love to hear some feedback 😉 and some words of courage. He doesn’t say no to monetary evaluations either :P.

Please be bighearted.



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