Chachu Kamlaa: SpellBound

Chachu 1&2

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This is the story of how our protagonist ‘Chachu Kamlaa’ aka ‘Kachalu’ was inspired by “Size Doesn’t Matter” by Vikalp Gautam. It inspired our Chachu Kamlaa to share what he went through on the evening of the night he read “Size Doesn’t M…”

DISCLAIMER. The characters, their names, life and story line is purely fictional, and any resemblance to anyone living or dead, travelling or non-travelling, studying or not- studying, is merely by coincidence.

One fine evening, Kachalu was riding back home by an Undisclosed Mode of Transportation (UMT) after a very tiring day, with friend Pammiaaja. At one stop on the way, a beautiful femme fatale came on board the UMT. Kachalu was spell bound at the instance; he couldn’t get the eyes off of her! *Ok! That does happen quite a lot with Chachu Kamlaa, but he has a good taste alright!* She was in red, with green footwear on. And OMG! was she awesome or was she awesome! A totally amazing sight.

Kachalu thought that Pammiaaja would have also seen her, as she was surely not to be missed. But Alas! He hadn’t. He tried to show him, but she was out of sight for onlookers by then. But for the trained eyes of Kachalu, it didn’t take long to figure out where that beauty was seated. Though he could only see the footwear, but even that kept him mesmerized.

Kachalu made sure to look towards her side at each stoppage while even in conversation with Pammiaaja, lest she might get off at the stop!

Kachalu was secretly hoping that she would get off of at the same place as his, so that he could drink the nectar of her beauty once again! But since each good thing comes to an end, sometimes abrupt, either sooner or later, and it’s not every day wishes of Chachu Kamlaa are fulfilled. This being not an extraordinary day, hopes of Kachalu were met 😦 . She took off at some other station. And as luck would have it, Kachalu was in some such conversation with Pammiaaja that for the 1st time since her get aboard the UMT he didn’t look her way at a stop (which he doesn’t even remember apparently now, probably because of the shock 😥 ).

Let alone be amazed by her beauty for a second time, he couldn’t even look at her for a second look of her! 😦

He might get to see her again. He might not. Who Knows!??!

Life Taking a Toll


The author would love to hear some feedback 😉 and some words of courage. He doesn’t say no to monetary evaluations either :P.

Please be bighearted.



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