FB Fan Page – a reason to give dlvr.it a spin I

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I was using dlvr.it for a few days to publicize my WordPress chords blog on twitter and my personal WordPress blog on twitter, yahoo & messenger connect. But then I found that WordPress really is awesomer than I had earlier thought.

There’s a feature in-built with WordPress, wherein you can publicize your post on Twitter,Facebook, Yahoo, Windows live, etc. After you do the necessary settings to ‘publicize’ your posts, which basically is only authenticating and providing access to WordPress to post to these services, your post is publicized as soon as you press the publish button to publish the post.

Steps that you need to follow to let WordPress publicize your posts:

  1. Dashboard
  2. My Blogs
  3. <Publicize> column

or the direct link which you can try and follow is :


Here you will need to ‘check’ the places you want to publicize your blog to! And ya, just a heads up! In case you maintain more than 1 blog, it needs to be the primary blog that you can publicize.

After this realization of awesomeness of WordPress, I realized that posterous, tumblr and LiveJournal too had such twitter updating thingy. So I just stopped using dlvr.it to deliver my posts to twitter. Seems only Blogger is lagging behind in incorporating these features, but there is no point is just dlvr’ing BlogSpot blog when I hardly update it anyways 🙂 .

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