FB Fan Page – a reason to give dlvr.it a spin II

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But then, yesterday I was looking for a solution to post my cha9 WordPress posts to my Facebook fan page, instead of posting them to a profile (publicizing to a fan page by-the-way is currently not supported by WordPress). After unsuccessfully trying out 2 solutions suggested by a few bloggers, while I was in the middle of trying the 3rd possible solution, I perchance came across a post explaining that dlvr.it can be used to do it. In the excitement that I was getting to know that dlvr.it would be able to help, I didn’t even read the whole post and directly went to it. Since adding a new end point involves just a few clicks here & there I was ready with my posts being supposedly dlvr’d to my Facebook fan page (which currently has no fan other than me) 😉

It still needs to be seen if it and how it dlvr’s but I m hopeful!!

dlvr.it didnt dlvr, but after trying to refresh the feed several times, it dawned on me that it would not post, since all the posts had been dlvr on earlier instance through dlvr.it .

So I had to delete the route which I had created earlier, and created the same route again, and now the blog posts are expected to be updated on my Facebook fan page and twitter handle.

When everything was ready to be launched, and I was going to wait for my posts to appear in my twitter timeline , and Facebook fan page, an error message comes up stating that LinkedIn API is facing some problems, and it is having an effect on deliveries of all and any route! Well still I am hopeful that they would all be posted once the API issue is fixed, as 1 post did get through 😉


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