Chachu Kamlaa’s Love Life question!

There are times when Chachu Kamlaa thinks he need to let Kamli Chachi go! But he doesn’t think she would come back.

People believe that ‘If you love someone, let them go, and if they come back it was meant to be; otherwise learning to live alone’!

What makes Kachalu wonder is; when will he know that she will or will not come back?

  • Do you set for yourself a time limit before you start moving ‘ON’ with life?
  • Should he give Chachi a fixed time frame in which he should expect her to return back to him?

Chances are he will set a deadline.

When the deadline passes and he starts thinking of living on all alone without his love Chachi with a heavy heart, she would come knocking back into his life.

And he would possibly start having those thoughts again!

What’s the use? Let once-gone be bygones! Don’t wait up for them to come back! It would probably hurt more if they came back!


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