Will to Write – Wondering what to?

I have been willing to write for sometime now, and with the amount of time that I have had free on my hands recently *time* is no excuse for me not doing it!

So I went thinking wanting to write, and I realized time in fact was not a problem, what to write was the trouble at hand! I reckon I am not the creative of any lot, and by any standards, but I was hoping to have something to write since I have been wanting to write for a long time!

What to do?

Where to look for inspiration?

Who can suggest a suggestion for inspiration, for writing?

I have tried dailyPost by WordPress.com, but I am not looking for postADay topic, that is already happening at Manveet Singh on WordPress.

What I need is postAWeek topic, and they are not coming (or maybe can’t see them because I left looking after first week of dailyPost got over, and I didn’t see any postAWeek topic)

I need to write something which would interest me. I need to do something interesting with my life :O ??

Maybe Probably!!


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