How do you define a party as great as the party which was yesterday!?
There’s only one word for it, LEGEN….wait-for-it…..wait-for-it….DARY!

Completely out-and-out LEGENDARY stuff!
There’s is no other word to define a party that has all the awesome factors as it had! You can’t redefine it, and say it in any other words! Nuh uh, no you can’t!

When you put together a mix of gorgeous girls, handsome guys, good music, and top it off with a great DJ, it’s bound to ooze tonnes of AWEsomeness! And that’s exactly what it did! Oozed AWEsomeness!

Special thanks from all to Ravi Badola & Siddharth Rawat! Thanks guys for arranging such a great fun party!!

My personal thanks to

Piyush Badoni – for coaxing so incessantly, that I sort of had to come!
Manish Sharma – for him nailing it by telling me ‘Office parties me toh sabb serious types hi hote hain, yahan to poora fun hoga’.
Dilpreet & Sahib – for enforcing what Piyush was trying to get me to do!

Manish, Piyush, SahibSahib, Dilpreet, Rahul

Thanks tonnes bhaiyonnn!


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