Jobs no more

THE Steve Jobs has died.


It’s a black day for the technology world. Father of the third Apple that changed the world is no more.

“Three apples have changed the world.

One seduced Eve.

Second awakened Newton.

The Third one was in the hands of Jobs.”

via Steve Jobs: The monk who left India to make i-Products – The Times of India.

I got the news from twitter like many others.
From the initial few tweets I couldn’t fathom it, few more tweets with #RIPSteveJobs hashtag were required to make me understand it and ever since I haven’t been able to come to terms with it.

And it weirds me out to why I feel such! Its not like me to keep wondering for so much over someOne’s death – known or unknown to me!

Maybe it is because I have admired all of his products – from the early Macintosh (from my time in US), his Mac, iMacsiPhonesiPad etc., even though I got around to my first Apple product just few weeks back on September 24!

Respect is the word, ALL the Way Mr. Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs!
Rest In Peace!

It is so unfair that he died on Dussehra Day by IST. Dussehra is supposed to be victory of good over evil, not death over genius!