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Chachu Kamlaa had thought due to pressure upon himself, he should start thinking if getting hitched. Though it was quite early for his age, but the thought nonetheless was noble.

Chachu thus made a profile on a leading matrimony site BharatMatrimony last night, and they automatically redirected him to PunjabiMatrimony, since he being a Punjabi dude or something!

After making a profile at night, he received an automated confirmation call soon then itself. And the next morning he received a call from BharatMatrimony at 10.37am and again at 10.39am (since he missed the earlier one) telling him about their premium features.

The customer care guy told him about what the features were, what premium features would include, the cost for it and then asked if Chachu would like to go for it.
Chachu declined.
CC Guy then was like ‘When would you like to go for it?’.
Chachu didn’t  plan to, so thats what he clearly told him.

CC Guy then suggested what is the point of keeping a profile there and that he should delete it.

Way to go guys.
What a way to get into the Limca Book of Records.
Paying your way to get in there?

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Earthquake – New Delhi – September 07 2011

Just felt an Earthquake shake up the bed I was lying on working on a College project.I would have to guess it to be in the vicinity of 6 Richter, though I am no expert but it was the most powerful one that I have ever felt![Janak Puri, New Delhi – September 07th, 2011 23:28 hrs]

via Earthquake – New Delhi – September 07 2011.

And it happens on the same as Delhi High Courts’ Bomb Blast.
GoD BLeSS India!!

Stay Strong people!!

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First man to have given a bribe in independent India dies | Faking News

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The first Indian briber – a malaria officer – dies of a malarial fever! What luck eh!! 😛
First man to have given a bribe in independent India dies | Faking News

“But Jawahar Tiwari needed to show the district as ‘covered’ by him in the government records, hence he approached the local District Magistrate with his predicament. The DM asked for a bribe in lieu of handing out a fake certificate that his district was covered by Mr. Tiwari. After a lot of introspection Mr. Tiwari agreed to bribe the DM, creating the first ‘successful’ bribery case in independent India as per the NGO.”

Why Anuradha and Sonali did what they did? – NOIDA Sisters’ self-imposed confinement

Anuradha Behl rescued along with sister Sonali at Kailash Hospital

Anuradha Behl at Kailash Hospital

Why would a pair of sisters choose self-imposed confinement?

Why would they choose to live away from the society?

Yes! I agree people in a locality might not be the bestest you might have ever met in the world but, self-imposed confinement! Doesn’t seem fair to me, even if they did it to themselves and for whatever reasons!

Many people have to face death of a loved one in their lifetime, hey! There is going to be someone in your life older than you are, and everyone has a limited life span only! You become sad, you cry inconsolably, you lose hope; but all for some time, not forever.

A happy family; 2 cheerful sisters don’t turn out to be Psychotic over a short span of 7 months. It’s not like there’s was the only family who lost a father and a mother within a very short span of time!

And final nail to the coffin as death of a pet dog :O whatever newspapers! You can love a dog, you can cry over its death, but turning yourself to unhygienic zombies because of that! Not quite the reasoning I doubt!

If you think I am mocking them for the behaviour they showed, and how they were found; think again. No I don’t mock them, I could never. They say “No one ever cared. Instead of helping, people mocked.” People are cruel, can be super cruel I agree to that. But I am not trying to be cruel or make mockery right now!

When I read the title to the next article ‘Magisterial probe ordered; NCW seeks report on sisters‘ I didn’t read it, didn’t give it a single thought, thinking why do they need to do something like this. They decided to not come in contact with the cruel society, and they had their own way of making that happen!

But as the rest of the day unfolded, I had another view on it! Though I didn’t read it, but I think a probe on why the sisters did what they did is important, VERY IMPORTANT. My take is people cry over loss of loved ones, people love their pets as a family member & its loss could equate a loss of family member to them; but this self-imposed confinement without lightening even a bulb since November 2010, that’s not depression due to loss of family members/loved ones.

Something of such intensity, Something so large, Something which made the sisters do what they did for so long; it can’t be mere depression due to loss; has to be something big!

I say if Magistrate can’t find the reason to it, they ask people higher up to find an answer to it!

GoD BLeSS Anuradha and Sonali. May Anuradha’s soul rest in peace; and May GOD give Sonali the power to come recover and come to terms with loss of another loved one!

Will to Write – Wondering what to?

I have been willing to write for sometime now, and with the amount of time that I have had free on my hands recently *time* is no excuse for me not doing it!

So I went thinking wanting to write, and I realized time in fact was not a problem, what to write was the trouble at hand! I reckon I am not the creative of any lot, and by any standards, but I was hoping to have something to write since I have been wanting to write for a long time!

What to do?

Where to look for inspiration?

Who can suggest a suggestion for inspiration, for writing?

I have tried dailyPost by, but I am not looking for postADay topic, that is already happening at Manveet Singh on WordPress.

What I need is postAWeek topic, and they are not coming (or maybe can’t see them because I left looking after first week of dailyPost got over, and I didn’t see any postAWeek topic)

I need to write something which would interest me. I need to do something interesting with my life :O ??

Maybe Probably!!

FB Fan Page – a reason to give a spin II

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Followed for here

But then, yesterday I was looking for a solution to post my cha9 WordPress posts to my Facebook fan page, instead of posting them to a profile (publicizing to a fan page by-the-way is currently not supported by WordPress). After unsuccessfully trying out 2 solutions suggested by a few bloggers, while I was in the middle of trying the 3rd possible solution, I perchance came across a post explaining that can be used to do it. In the excitement that I was getting to know that would be able to help, I didn’t even read the whole post and directly went to it. Since adding a new end point involves just a few clicks here & there I was ready with my posts being supposedly dlvr’d to my Facebook fan page (which currently has Continue reading

FB Fan Page – a reason to give a spin I

I was using for a few days to publicize my WordPress chords blog on twitter and my personal WordPress blog on twitter, yahoo & messenger connect. But then I found that WordPress really is awesomer than I had earlier thought.

There’s a feature in-built with WordPress, wherein you can publicize your post on Twitter,Facebook, Yahoo, Windows live, etc. After you do the necessary settings to ‘publicize’ your posts, which basically is only authenticating and providing access to WordPress to post to these services, your post is publicized as soon as you press the publish button to publish the post.

Steps that you need to follow to let WordPress publicize Continue reading