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Chachu Kamlaa had thought due to pressure upon himself, he should start thinking if getting hitched. Though it was quite early for his age, but the thought nonetheless was noble.

Chachu thus made a profile on a leading matrimony site BharatMatrimony last night, and they automatically redirected him to PunjabiMatrimony, since he being a Punjabi dude or something!

After making a profile at night, he received an automated confirmation call soon then itself. And the next morning he received a call from BharatMatrimony at 10.37am and again at 10.39am (since he missed the earlier one) telling him about their premium features.

The customer care guy told him about what the features were, what premium features would include, the cost for it and then asked if Chachu would like to go for it.
Chachu declined.
CC Guy then was like ‘When would you like to go for it?’.
Chachu didn’t  plan to, so thats what he clearly told him.

CC Guy then suggested what is the point of keeping a profile there and that he should delete it.

Way to go guys.
What a way to get into the Limca Book of Records.
Paying your way to get in there?

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New Year Resolution

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I have decided to make a resolution this year, that I plan to keep, and moreover I think I can keep it 🙂
I resolve that I shall more frequently post antics of Chachu Kamlaa
I think around 3 posts or more each week would be a good aim.

But this resolve, like anything good in life, comes with a condition. It will start from January-end only! I am pretending to be busy till January 24th 😀

Chachu Kamlaa Will be BaCK!

I will be busy for sometime now, till around end of January, so might not be able to update life experiences of Chachu Kamlaa!

But be assured that Chachu will be back with a BaNG!!