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Chachu Kamlaa had thought due to pressure upon himself, he should start thinking if getting hitched. Though it was quite early for his age, but the thought nonetheless was noble.

Chachu thus made a profile on a leading matrimony site BharatMatrimony last night, and they automatically redirected him to PunjabiMatrimony, since he being a Punjabi dude or something!

After making a profile at night, he received an automated confirmation call soon then itself. And the next morning he received a call from BharatMatrimony at 10.37am and again at 10.39am (since he missed the earlier one) telling him about their premium features.

The customer care guy told him about what the features were, what premium features would include, the cost for it and then asked if Chachu would like to go for it.
Chachu declined.
CC Guy then was like ‘When would you like to go for it?’.
Chachu didn’t  plan to, so thats what he clearly told him.

CC Guy then suggested what is the point of keeping a profile there and that he should delete it.

Way to go guys.
What a way to get into the Limca Book of Records.
Paying your way to get in there?

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Earthquake – New Delhi – September 07 2011

Just felt an Earthquake shake up the bed I was lying on working on a College project.I would have to guess it to be in the vicinity of 6 Richter, though I am no expert but it was the most powerful one that I have ever felt![Janak Puri, New Delhi – September 07th, 2011 23:28 hrs]

via Earthquake – New Delhi – September 07 2011.

And it happens on the same as Delhi High Courts’ Bomb Blast.
GoD BLeSS India!!

Stay Strong people!!

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First man to have given a bribe in independent India dies | Faking News

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The first Indian briber – a malaria officer – dies of a malarial fever! What luck eh!! 😛
First man to have given a bribe in independent India dies | Faking News

“But Jawahar Tiwari needed to show the district as ‘covered’ by him in the government records, hence he approached the local District Magistrate with his predicament. The DM asked for a bribe in lieu of handing out a fake certificate that his district was covered by Mr. Tiwari. After a lot of introspection Mr. Tiwari agreed to bribe the DM, creating the first ‘successful’ bribery case in independent India as per the NGO.”

Back on popular request

People have been looking forward to antics of Chachu Kamlaa.. The college’s batch newsletter has gone into hibernation without Kachalu.

Though Chachu promised to be back after a small hiatus, but there hasn’t been much interesting stuff going on in life..

But still a promise is a promise, and public demand shall not go unanswered…

Losing Sikhism in Punjab

The locals of Punjab (india). These are the tr...

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I am no proponent of hair cutting, and I actually am totally against it done by any Sikh in any form.
I went on a journey into not so interiors of Punjab, just went to Jalandhar bus stand, and a realization dawned on me while waiting for my bus.

I was there for around more than 2 hours, and for some reason I felt – in absence of proper guidance, the poor population of Punjab is THE least worried about keeping their hair unshorn. I somehow believe, it’s the deadly mix of – poverty, lack of guidance, low motivation, and no enlightening factor which makes them do it, and not stay away from the way they are. It’s not improvement or a change in life’s way for them, it’s just a responsibility they would rather do away with!

Yes! When Guru Gobind Ji put in Continue reading

Dinesh – PTU Document Handler

Dinesh – PTU ka document head! Or is he!?

In the half day that I was at PTU Jalandhar or Kapurthala or someplace, almost every person who came with a person or all alone, he/she was directly directed by the ‘Inquiry’ to Counter no. 6, Dinesh’s counter! And he happily goes about doing his job, which inadvertently involves staying away from his seat long long times. Couldn’t they get 1 or more of those “I’ve nothing better to do, so I will just go visit the canteen every hour or so”.

It is not a shortage of labor power, its improper division of labor which leads to the systems inefficiency.

Chachu Kamlaa: Diwali Eve, and Year-end

Diwali festival,private house with many light....

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This is the story of how Diwali of Mr. Bh. Rashta and Dr. Punn (no English intended) affected our protagonist ‘Chachu Kamlaa’ aka ‘Kachalu’.

DISCLAIMER. The characters and story line is purely fictional, and any resemblance to anyone living or dead, teaching or non-teaching, torturing or non-torturing, retired or should-be-retired, is merely by coincidence.

On Diwali eve (or maybe it was the last working day before Diwali weekend), Kachalu had ventured out to settle some differences …how Diwali can be haunting ✐