Losing Sikhism in Punjab

The locals of Punjab (india). These are the tr...

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I am no proponent of hair cutting, and I actually am totally against it done by any Sikh in any form.
I went on a journey into not so interiors of Punjab, just went to Jalandhar bus stand, and a realization dawned on me while waiting for my bus.

I was there for around more than 2 hours, and for┬ásome reason I felt – in absence of proper guidance, the poor population of Punjab is THE least worried about keeping their hair unshorn. I somehow believe, it’s the deadly mix of – poverty, lack of guidance, low motivation, and no enlightening factor which makes them do it, and not stay away from the way they are. It’s not improvement or a change in life’s way for them, it’s just a responsibility they would rather do away with!

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